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Our Company, WaterView Pools, is a preeminent custom pool builder in Austin. Founded by Cody McFadyen, WaterView is a winner of the esteemed Angie’s List SuperService Award and has earned their topmost rating in residential pool design and construction.

Cody is a well-known pool builder, also having founded Cody Pools and Oasis Pools in Austin. He demonstrates his profound love for constructing pools using a wide range of experience from more than 25 years in the industry. His primary aim was to bring back the level of quality that was the norm in the 1980s. Most people don’t realize that pool construction has diminished drastically since then. Cody takes special care to educate his customers that typical pool design and construction today contain shortcuts and speed, sacrificing quality for financial gain. WaterView, on the other hand, always delivers pools of exceptional quality at very competitive prices, designed and built for many years of enjoyment.

“A pool built in the 1980s is typically a stronger pool and that you rarely see structural problems in them,” Cody explains. “Some say these pools were ‘overbuilt’ but the simple fact is that they were built properly. You don’t see cracks in these old pools. Hairline plaster cracks—which no one warranties—is not unusual in pools built these days.”

Cody wants his customers to know these key things that set WaterView Pools apart:

  • Structural Integrity is our first goal—we build the pool right so it stays right
  • The difference between the standard pool and the well-built pool is only about $1,200.00
  • We consider pool design to be a thoroughly delightful collaboration with you!
  • Our construction team has demonstrated years with us of superior performance.

Please feel free to give us a call at (512) 331-2000 to find out more about us or to schedule an appointments with our friendly representatives!

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Why Choose Us

  • Our belief is that structural quality is always best for you and your pool.
  • Our superintendent inspects the progress daily and requires the owners to inspect the progress weekly to ensure you are completely satisfied throughout the process.
  • Our staff consists of true craftsmen who have worked with us for years. They care about your project.
  • We offer insightful design ideas based on 25 years of experience in the industry to create the ideal pool just for you.