Gunite Pools for Austin, TX

Gunite pools have been the most popular kind of swimming pool among American homeowners for years—and for good reason. Gunite, a combination of sand and cement, is a hardy material that holds up well to repeated use and has many versatile uses. If you’re considering having a pool installed in your Austin home, contact WaterView Pools to find out how you can get started today.

Designing Your Gunite Pool

  • A gunite pool is an excellent, practical choice for any home; it requires little maintenance, stands up well to the elements, and should stand you in good stead for many years. Once you’ve installed your gunite pool, you won’t need to worry about upkeep—you can just enjoy your pool.
  • Because gunite is so easy to use, your imagination can range far and wide when you are planning the design of your new swimming pool. Depending on your taste, you can add stone coping to the pool walls, elaborate water spouts or a fountain, a rock waterfall, or any other feature that you would like.
  • Gunite also allows you to make good use of your space. No matter how big—or how small—your outdoor area is, you can design a gunite pool that will work well and give you plenty of room to swim, relax, and enjoy yourself.

How Gunite Pools Are Constructed

After you’ve settled on a final design for your gunite pool, an area will be excavated in your outdoor area and a framework constructed for your pool. Gunite is applied using an air-compress spray gun, which enables the pool builder to use the material in pools of virtually any shape, size, or design. The gunite is applied onto a steel foundation and left to dry. This usually takes about one week. Once the gunite has dried, you can begin adding other features to your swimming pool until you are completely satisfied. Now that the building process is over, you can start having fun in your new pool!

When it comes to having your new pool installed, don’t settle for anything less than the best. WaterView Pools has been serving the Austin community for more than 25 years. Our experienced pool builders are committed to providing you with the best services possible, and we look forward to providing you with the swimming pool you have always wanted. For a free estimate for your pool project, call (512) 331-2000 today.

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  • Our belief is that structural quality is always best for you and your pool.
  • Our superintendent inspects the progress daily and requires the owners to inspect the progress weekly to ensure you are completely satisfied throughout the process.
  • Our staff consists of true craftsmen who have worked with us for years. They care about your project.
  • We offer insightful design ideas based on 25 years of experience in the industry to create the ideal pool just for you.