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Setting High Pool Construction Standards in Austin, TX

WaterView Custom Pools isn’t the type of company to provide subpar service. Our owner, Cody McFadyen, is something of an icon in the Austin pool community. He started Cody Pools, which is the largest pool builder in Texas. He’s raised the bar when it comes to pool construction standards in Austin, TX, providing homeowners in the area with superior pools built to last for years and years. We don’t put the task of building your pool in just anyone’s hands. While some builders contract work out to countless sub-contractors, WaterView Custom Pools sticks with the best. We only use the same trusted professionals in every project. Contact us today to learn more about the difference we provide.

pool with waterfalls

A Focus on Quality

At WaterView Custom Pools, our goal isn’t to build as many pools as possible to turn the biggest profit. Rather, we focus on providing quality first and foremost. Our team only takes on 40 pool projects each year to ensure each one gets the attention it needs to guarantee perfection. You won’t find us rushing to squeeze in as many projects as possible. We’ll take our time, so you know everything is done right.

Bringing Ecosmart Pools to Austin

Pools get a bad reputation for wasting energy. But the Ecosmart pool changes that stereotype. WaterView Custom Pools offers this energy-efficient alternative designed to cut electricity costs in half when compared to the usage of other pool models. The advanced plumbing system reduces the amount of energy used and virtually eliminates the algae problem associated with pools. This means the Ecosmart pool solves two problems! Get the pool you’ve always wanted without wasting energy.

Contact Us Today

Are you interested in learning more about the difference WaterView Custom Pools provides? Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the quality of our design and construction methods. We know you’ll see the difference when we’re finished with our new pool installation. Contact us today to get started!

Free Pool Estimate

Looking to buy a swimming pool? Let one us create a custom quote for you!