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Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pools are truly one of life’s many luxuries, and having a pool on your property either inside your home or in your backyard can truly enhance your life. It’s a great source of fun and exercise, and guests always love spending time near a pool. A backyard pool increases the value of your property dramatically, and few things are more refreshing than dipping into the water on a hot summer day in Texas. A cornerstone of any pool owner’s mentality should be pool safety – especially when young children are present. Having trusted adults nearby when children are in a pool is vital to protecting them in case there is an accident because the vast majority of pool owners will not have their own lifeguard on duty. There are few things more important to enjoying a pool than having a safe environment and understanding how to minimize the risks. Our team at WaterView Custom Pools takes safety seriously, and with every pool we design and construct, we make sure to inform our customers about pool safety.

backyard pool with hot tub and a beautiful view

Backyard Pool Safety

There are many steps to take to ensure that a pool in the backyard of a home is safe and secure for young children to use. As a general rule, children should never be unsupervised when they are around the pool or in the pool. It only takes a moment for an accident to occur, and unsupervised play is extremely dangerous. Another important aspect of safety is having barriers to the pool. The team at WaterView Custom Pools can help design fences and barriers with enclosures that ensure young children will not be able to access the pool without an adult’s help. This is important for young children playing in a backyard, especially when learning to walk. A fencing structure or something similar can help prevent a toddler or young child accidentally falling into the pool. It’s also important to always have life jackets on hand, even for experienced swimmers. Life jackets are also great for young children or people who can’t swim but still want to enjoy the water. U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets are the most secure, so consider stocking up on a set of them if your home has several swimmers in the family.

Safety That Matters

Some additional safety guidelines are more geared toward keeping pool water fresh and filtered. The chemical balance of any pool is essential to having a pool free of bacteria and other germs, and keeping water circulated is very important to minimizing the spread of disease. WaterView Custom Pools are designed with these concerns in mind, and following our specific instructions for keeping your pool water clean and clear will go a long way to ensuring a safe pool environment. Additionally, if your entire family likes to swim in your backyard pool, consider taking a CPR course so everyone can familiarize themselves with basic training in the event of an accident in the pool. WaterView Custom Pools can help connect you with local resources in Austin to help. We take safety seriously here at WaterView Custom Pools because we know that enjoying your pool to the fullest means being secure and smart. Call our office for more information on all pool related safety concerns.

For safety tips and other pool safety information, contact WaterView Custom Pools today at (512) 541-0073.

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