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Testimonials from Our Clients

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Cody McFadyen and WaterView Pools saved us from our nightmare that was our original pool builder who had taken all our money and left us with a shell of a pool and a list of other issues. WaterView completed our dream pool consisting of a lap lane, jumping rocks, a slide and a spa. They communicated well, answered all our questions promptly, and did what they committed to do. WaterView’s subcontractors are all professional, communicate well, and show up when they say they will. Our biggest regret is that we didn’t hire WaterView from the beginning.

A. Bustos

There is really no other choice! If you want a spectacular pool then Cody and Waterview is the way to go. From the very first meeting with Cody he gets a feel of what you want and type of person you are and his design comes back accordingly! As dealing with any contract work, there are always ups and downs along the way buy no matter the issue Cody was quickly there to resolve any said issues! The finished product is beyond spectacular! I have a little slice of paradise in my backyard and I am looking forward to enjoying many many years of enjoyment! Cody and WaterView Pools is definitely the way to go!!

Mike Smothers, Austin, TX

I cannot recommend Cody strongly enough. We interviewed 3 pool builders, all would have done a good job, but I felt there were things they really did not “want to do”. I felt it was not in their business plan to review options we felt were important to us. They were open to it, but tried to talk us out of it for one reason or another. I suspect it was to keep “their” costs down. We were looking for a pool builder that would listen to us. We were looking for a geometric shape pool that matched our home. We prefer a classic pool and deck design versus the “bean shape” with flagstone decking and coping. Most builders wanted to put is in “their” pool mold. Seemed to be a reason for that, bean-shaped pools are a bit cheaper to make (less perimeter and less structure needed), and do not need to be built to as exacting dimensions. Hard to hide errors with geometric-shaped pools. Of all the builders, Cody listened to us and designed a pool WE love. He did make suggestions, but not because that is what would save “him” money… he designed a pool and made suggestions that complemented our vision. Cody has been at this a while, and I know why… he listens and designs what his customers desire most. But a good design is only part of it. His contractors are top-notch, true craftsmen and make it all happen. I was also impressed with extras added in the structure of the pool (more steel). Cody could save a few bucks as the bigger builders do, but why? I appreciate that, and in the end I think our pool is built with more integrity and quality then would have otherwise have been. Continuing with quality, the equipment selected was top notch, even down to the pool kit. Again, most large builders save a few bucks per pool, and when you build so many pools maybe it ads up. But how does that help your pool? Cody would not want cheep stuff in his pool and he builds yours with that in mind. I firmly believe what motivates Cody most, is how his work provides a lifetime of memories for the kids (young and old). Talk to Cody… you deserve to get the pool YOU want!

Brent, Georgetown, TX

I was reluctant to build a pool after hearing horror stories. Working with Cody and WaterView Pools there were no horror stories at all. He said 6 weeks to complete and it was 6 weeks. Everything he said he would do he did and then some. He was very responsive to calls and emails and answered all my questions. I have a beautiful pool that the entire family is enjoying. I would definitely recommend Cody to friends who want to build a pool. Top notch service and workmanship!

Warren Angerstein, Austin, TX

Waterview Pools completed our beautiful swimming pool in 9 weeks; that was from contract signing to filling the pool with water. The owner of the company, Cody, says the build time may be a record. Cody’s design was excellent and it was followed perfectly during the build. We are very pleased with the pool, and also pleased with the crews that worked on it. The exception is the crew that removed the forms as their cleanup was minimal. We recommend Waterview Pools.

Eldridge Hutcheson, Austin, TX

Cody is a consummate professional and is in a class of his own. I would recommend WaterView Pools to anyone who wants a stunning, trouble-free pool and outdoor entertainment area.

Nicholas Tys, Austin, TX

I have experienced one of Cody’s pools and can say they rock: especially the salt water pool. No chlorine burning of the eyes or after-smell when getting out of the pool. An excellent experience!

Anna Paddock, Austin, TX

We so enjoyed working with you Cody. Your advice on positioning the pool where we could enjoy our WaterView all year round has definitely paid off.

Dan Southwood, Rolling Rock, TX

I think building a pool can be a very stressful experience and I’m delighted with how smooth things went on building ours. The design tips Cody suggested went a very long way to making our pool the place everyone wants to hang out.

Mike Cornell, Windermere, TX

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