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Austin Texas Custom Pools

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own pool, you’ve probably always pictured it as looking a certain way. Today, it’s easier than ever to have your own custom swimming pool in Austin—all you need to do is decide what elements you would like your pool to have. You can design your pool to be any shape you like, and you can make it as ornate or as simple as you wish. Whatever kind of pool you are looking for, WaterView Custom Pools can help you design it.

Features for Customizing Your Pool

Once you’ve decided to have a custom swimming pool installed in your backyard, your first and most important step will be to decide what features you are going to include. These are some of the most popular elements of contemporary pools:


Adding unique rock designs to your new swimming pool can be the perfect way to make it truly yours. You can design a waterfall set off by boulders, a beautiful rock wall, or a smooth and natural-looking pool deck. Whatever kind of look you would like to achieve in your backdoor area, the possibilities are endless.


Most swimming pools have steps, but not all of them have to look the same. When you design your own pool, you can have steps placed anywhere you like. You can have benches running alongside one wall of the pool, circular steps at one corner for a wading area, and custom-made handrails for improved safety.


Incorporating a spa into your new swimming pool’s design not only makes your outdoor area look sophisticated and high-end, but also provides you with convenient access whenever you want to relax. In addition, installing a spa can enhance the value of your home. You can even design your spa to be directly accessible from your pool via steps.


If you want to have the option of going for a night swim whenever you feel like it, having the right lighting is a must. Today’s state-of-the-art pool lights aren’t just functional; they can also lend a unique ambiance to your outdoor area. You can choose between incandescent, halogen, and fiber optic pool lighting—whatever creates the effect you are looking for.

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Are you ready to get started on your new swimming pool in Austin? To learn more about how WaterView Custom Pools can help you design the pool of your dreams, contact our pool experts today at (512) 541-0073.

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