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Why Build An EcoSmart Pool

If you’re considering adding a swimming pool to your Austin home, you may be wondering what the safest and least expensive option is. EcoSmart pools are the answer—they offer all of the benefits of high-end contemporary pools along with the environmentally friendly benefits that today’s homeowners have come to expect. When you work with WaterView Custom Pools to install your new EcoSmart pool, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

infinity pool with spa

Highlights of the EcoSmart Pool


Homeowners are becoming increasingly concerned about the danger of pool accidents. Drain entrapments, which happen when a person becomes caught in a drain, are one of the most common types of pool accidents. The EcoSmart pool is by far the safest kind of swimming pool you can purchase for your family. The reason is simple: EcoSmart pool don’t have drains, so they don’t come with the risk of accidents.

Energy efficiency

Some homeowners are hesitant to invest in a swimming pool because they fear that their utility bills will skyrocket. The EcoSmart pool takes away that problem; it costs 10 times less to operate than most traditional pools. When you’re enjoying your new EcoSmart pool, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that you’ve made a smart investment.


If you’re concerned about the noise your swimming pool may make, your worries are over—EcoSmart pools are designed to be quiet and unobtrusive as possible. Instead of trying to ignore a loud pool pump, you can enjoy sweet dreams after an evening of having fun in your new swimming pool.


The EcoSmart pool is designed to be the cleanest pool any homeowner has ever seen. Instead of pumping water through a filtration system, the EcoSmart pool provides constant circulation and consistent sanitation—which means low maintenance requirements. There are no dead spots in the pool and virtually no danger of algae growth.

What Our Customers Say Before and After Buying an EcoSmart Pool

They’re Quiet:

Before: “My old pool was so noisy that I couldn’t sleep at night—and the pool I once loved turned into a white elephant I couldn’t wait to get rid of.”

After: The Eco-Smart pool is the quietest pool I’ve ever owned. My refrigerator makes more noise than my pool!”

They’re Clean:

Before: “I used to be embarrassed to have my friends come over to swim because of all the algae in my pool. I never was able to completely get rid of it.”

After: “With my EcoSmart pool, I’ve never had any problems with algae. My friends and family love coming over for a swim!”

They’re Inexpensive:

Before: “My swimming pool used to cost me $700 a year in electricity costs alone!”

After: “I love my EcoSmart pool because it costs me less than 15 cents a day in electricity.”

Would You like to Learn More About the Advantages of Owning an Ecosmart Pool?

To speak with an expert pool builder today, contact WaterView Custom Pools at (512) 541-0073. We have been providing the Austin community with first-rate pool services for more than a quarter-century, and we bring professionalism and quality craftsmanship to every project.

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